What We Do

Revolutionizing Technology

Giving our proprietary technology to small business that in the past only big corporations had access to. Our technology levels the playing field for small business to compete against large corporations when cost really matter the most.

Invoice Auditing

Ever received a phonebook - excuse me, an invoice, from a carrier before and found it practically impossible to read? You’re not alone. DoGoods has developed a proprietary technology that will help ensure those long, long invoices are actually correct, every time. Any errors found will be sent to you, where you may dispute it with your carrier.

Late Shipment Refunds

Did you know that carriers offer Money Back Guarantees on most service options in case of failure? That means that late shipments should be free to you! DoGoods uses our proprietary technology to find those late deliveries and automatically file for credit or refunds with the carrier.

Optimizing Carrier Agreements

If you thought invoices were complicated, that’s probably nothing compared to those pricing agreements. DoGood breaks down the pricing agreements in easy-to-understand terms so you can easily estimate your shipping costs. With our White Glove Service, we also offer a dedicated Account Executive to walk you through the shipping rate negotiation process.


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